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Oriental Decor Art - Thai Handmade Spirit House
Oriental Decor Art - Thai Handmade Spirit House

Thai Handmade Spirit House - Wood A Viharn or Vihara is a Buddhist Brahman miniature temple, blessed site for spiritual activities. Present inside is a statue of Buddha, accompanied by his disciples, reinforcing the belief that this sacred space may not be invaded by evil beings and protect the place it reside. Traditionally, the actual scale of Vihara is a place for praying and meditation, where friends gather and talk with the priest. Using rain tree wood intricate artistry results in an exquisite and meaningful work. When Thai people finish building their houses they always build a "San Phra Poom", or guardian spirit house. Sacred ceremonies involving divine Buddhist texts are chanted to respectfully invite the protecting spirit to come inhabit the miniature home. The spirit brings luck, happiness, accomplishment, and security for all the inhabitants. Almost always placed in the front of the house, beside a fence or wall, the San Phra Poom and its resident are believed to guard against any bad and mean spirits and enemies who might threaten the resident family or their home. A daily offering of food or drink is made to the guardian and placed in the spirit house. This is usually done before the first meal of the day. The offering consists of whatever the family is going to eat and drink that day; however, if a special event or auspicious occasion arises, the family will make an extravagant offering with the hopes of receiving extra good luck. This item is very beautiful and exotic. Suggested US Retail price is $79 Dimension: W 6 x H 8 inches FREE SHIPPING WITH THIS ITEM!, Shipping takes 1.5-2 weeks from Thailand. We offer 30 day money back guarantee. This is our quality products from Thailand.

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List Price: $99.95
Price: $45.95

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